Reduce the complexity of managing your Sales Channel Organization

80% of potential sales are forfeit simply because you didn’t follow-up right away. While CRMs are great to enforce a sales process inside your sales organisation, how do you make sure, that your Channel Sales Partners stay on track?

Double entry on some 3rd party portal, unnecessary calls to catch up with your channel are frustrating and contribute to “selling less”.

PartnerBeam as a PRM solution, seamlessly integrates with your CRM, so you can "close" more by leveraging your channel partners, in a more efficient and effective manner.

Allowing you to focus on what is really important - following-up - by removing human error, technology limitations, enabling you to create and maintain better relationships through your Sales Channel.

PartnerBeam PRM Group

One Platform to Manage your Sales Channel

Case Study

PartnerBeam can directly improve the relationship between you and your Partners


Meet Nancy, Channel Manager

Nancy is responsible for the coverage of the EMEA market and oversees Channel Sales in Europe.

She is reviewing the list of new leads and sees a great up sell opportunity in France. Since no one at her company speaks French, Nancy searches for the best partner in France to handle it.

Since her CRM has PartnerBeam integration, she selects the French partner and shares the opportunity with them.


Martin, Sales Representative @ LaBarrot

Martin starts his day by reviewing the list of new incoming leads. He sees a notification from Nancy, there is a big opportunity to work on. He accepts the opportunity and jumps on the phone with the potential customer straight away.

Martin reviewing incoming leads

Martin typing on the keyboard



Martin updates the opportunity in his CRM and changes the sales stage. He also adds some extra services and consulting as a related deal. The call with the customer went really well and Martin is confident, that he is going to close both of the deals.

He is really pleased with the opportunity to expand his business avoiding the extra effort of using additional tools of communication with his vendor.


Brian is Nancy's manager - VP of Sales @ "Beam Insurance"

He wants to do a forecasting review, to get insight into how the company is performing for the current quarter.

He sees a positive improvement for Nancy's team right away.

Brian - Nancy's Manager


Nancy is happy. Her quota looks great.

She managed to sell more using her company's partner sales channel by leveraging the technology of PartnerBeam, which saved her hours of work she would have had to spend calling Martin, making sure the deal was on track and the prospect was being taken care of.

PartnerBeam PRM Integrations

How does PartnerBeam PRM integration work

Checkout how PartnerBeam seamlessly integrates into your CRM






Benefits that impact your Sales growth

All the features you might need and then some

Share your CRM data easily

Share information from your CRM directly with your channel partners

No double entry

Neither you or your partners will have to input information on another platform, in order to collaborate

Reports and Analytics

Access PartnerBeam's Portal and review your Partners performance

Portal for your small partners that don't have a CRM solution

Your smaller partners can now get access to a mini-crm like portal to access and share data directly with you

Intuitive mapping UI, Only approved data is shared

You are in control on which data gets shared and with which partner

Real-time Channel Sales forecasting

As soon as your Partners make changes to the data you shared with them, the data on your CRM gets updated on the background and your sales forecasting becomes more accurate

Frequently Asked Questions

How is PartnerBeam different from other Partner Relationship Management solutions?

PartnerBeam tightly integrates into your current CRM as well as your Partner's in order to allow you to collaborate with them, without ever leaving your CRM.

Moreover, if some of your partners do not currently have a supported CRM solution, they can use PartnerBeam's mini-CRM to interface with your organisation.

Is PartnerBeam an on-premise or cloud solution?

PartnerBeam was developed with the cloud, for the cloud type of approach.

This allows us to control the experience and data-flow for our customers as well as their partners.

How secure is my data with PartnerBeam?

We employ state-of-the-art security mechanisms, such as encryption, access control, data segregation

PartnerBeam's platform can be deployed to the closest geo-location datacenter, meaning a lower latency of access, improving the speed, user experience and security of your data.

Our approach to security is pro-active, meaning that it is part of our development and quality assurance process, but we also have a security team ready to react to any incidents.

Where is PartnerBeam data stored?

PartnerBeam hosts its data at multiple world-class data centers and providers, for the enhanced redundancy and availability.

By leveraging existing cloud providers infrastructure, we are able to service you in the nearest geo-location datacenter closest to you.

Who owns the data that is shared through PartnerBeam?

Whoever initiates the sharing of the data owns the data.

However in order to provide the service, whoever shares the data grants the righs for PartnerBeam to be able to treat the data, store it and send the data to the intended partners/recipients, as well as gathering metrics and analytics regarding said data

More information regarding this is available on our Terms and Conditions for the service.

What integrations are supported right now?

PartnerBeam has been officially integrated with SugarCRM 7.6.

We are currently planning to develop integrations for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SAP CRM and SalesForce

What other integrations are you working on?

We are currently developing PartnerBeam for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which should be available before end of 2016

How much does PartnerBeam Cost?

Access to PartnerBeam will be free during the beta program. After the beta period, PartnerBeam will be available at annual pricing tiers, and will increase based on the number of Partners you manage within our system.

Beta participants will be notified first when pricing is finalized.

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